Resources and life-changing conferences helping you connect to your Neighbours

Migrants are moving to New Zealand from all over the world. They are becoming our neighbours.

  • What do we know about their cultures and beliefs?
  • How will their presence and participation in our Society affect the future of our Nation?

Our next conference

Come to one of our conferences or Cross Cultural Workshops and find out what you need to know. These Neighbours’ Conference are intended to be transformational.

For more information visit: or
Email: [email protected] or register for a cross cultural workshop on the contact page at
Or phone / text: 020 4013 1652 (Assel) or 020 4138 1720 (Enoch)

A new, effective tool for sharing your faith

This will help you take initial steps in sharing your faith with your neighbours. The Pilgrimage is a set of five short, attractive leaflets about life’s greatest journey, a personal relationship with God, explained in a way Our Neighbours understand and appreciate.

Our Neighbours Ministry through Friends of Friends Fellowships

If you are a person who has a sense of calling by the Lord to lovingly befriend ‘Our Neighbours’ we would like to help you find your God given calling. We have a network of Friends of Friends Fellowships around the nation and we can consult with you and find the Fellowship suited to your calling the the people you love.

For more information visit:

At that site, the contact page will offer you the opportunity to complete an application form providing a few personal details so one of our senior workers can make contact with you, and discuss with you how you can join a team involved in a Friends of Friends Fellowship ministry. This ministry usually requires applicants to undertake a period of training before they are able to be actively involved.

Learn how to make wonderful friendships with your Neighbours

Some migrants come from cultures so different from ours that they need our hospitality, friendship, and time to adjust to their new life. New friends, education and an enquiring mind can open a closed person to a new world of possibilities. This provides Christians with unique opportunities to share Christ’s unconditional love with our new neighbours who are bewildered by the way we live.

One of our Neighbours’ Conferences will help you:

  • Stories of what God is doing in migrants lives
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Gain insights into other world views
  • Strategize how you can help migrants from the most challenging cultures on earth
  • Read the Bible with a viewpoint of a stranger, refugee, poor or marginalized person
  • Consider how you and your friends can be mobilized to reach ‘Neighbours’ in your community

The experience our conference speakers bring!

They are experienced people who have had life transforming encounters with Christ from Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Korea, and Saudi, and some kiwis who have served in Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Africa, South East and Central Asia.

They will share how God transformed their lives ministering to very challenging cultures.

This is what they speak about

  • What’s God doing in the world—His mission?
  • Stories of supernatural encounters with Christ
  • What does a community of disciples look like in a Central Asian or Middle Eastern context?
  • The aspirations of our migrant neighbours?
  • The struggles of conversion from another religion?
  • Honour and shame cultures—their behaviour?
  • Prayer, food, fasting, cleaniness, and hospitality?

Prayer for Our Neighbours

MARN is a New Zealand publishing organisation that produces a remarkable set of resources to help you pray for Our Neighbours, both at Ramadan and throughout the year.

People International co-ordinates up-to-date information for people involved in a variety of ministries that bless Our Neighbours. If you would like to receive prayer and praise bulletins at the start of each month, contact PI.

For more information visit:
Email: [email protected]
Or phone / text: 027 276 6900

Coordinated and hosted by: The Asia Pacific Discipleship Trust, People International and Interserve Aotearoa, New Zealand.